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A tribute to the genius of the electric guitar, a meteorite that disappeared too quickly in the Jazz firmament, to which we owe so many masterpieces immortalized by Benny Goodman's sextet. By his improvisations and his accompaniment, Charlie Christian revolutionized the way of playing the guitar at the same time as he imposed the electric guitar in jazz.

His swing and his innovative ideas, which join those of the great saxophonist Lester Young, make Charlie Christian the favorite guitarist of Michel Pastre who always wanted to play his arrangements.

Michel Pastre stands out today as one of our most famous French tenor saxophonist. He first performed in small groups and then, in the 90s, was called up in big bands: the Tuxedo Big Band by Paul Chéron and the Super Swing Machine by Gérard Badini, of which he became the star soloist. Sidney Bechet Prize of the Academy of Jazz in 1999, he sets up his own big band which triumphs in the biggest jazz festivals. His meeting with the world-renowned Australian guitarist David Blenkhorn led him to create this swing quintet in homage to guitarist Charlie Christian, a legendary figure of the great “Swing” period, like Louis Armstrong, Coleman Hawkins, Art Tatum or Lester Young. The other musicians ensure a remarkable cohesion to the quintet, always at the service of swing and beautiful melodies, among the best of the European classical jazz scene.

Michel Pastre: tenor saxophone / Malo Mazurié: trumpet / David Blenkhorn: guitar / Sébastien Girardot: double bass / Guillaume Nouaux: drums


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Music and photos show

With Marc Benham (piano), Pierrick Pédron (saxophone), Malo Mazurié (trumpet), Philipe Dardelle (double bass), Mourad Benhammou (drums) and photographer Pierre-Alain Le Guilchard.

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A declaration of love for Brittany and the Trois Abers.

Let yourself be carried away to the music and dive into the depths of the landscapes, make the soul of the Abers vibrate, follow the movement of nature, feel its breathing punctuated by the tides: "sway, eddies, agitation, energy, tempo, beat, softness, calm, appeasement…. "

This is what a photographer and five musicians with recognized talent offer. They succeeded in bringing together music and the raw image of reality, giving a spectacle of great beauty, full of poetry and harmony ...

A palette rich in rhythms and musical colors!

An original creation produced by the Hot Club Jazz 'Iroise,


Gerry Mulligan in Quartet with Chet Baker, without piano or guitar, a revolution that dates back to 1952. Light and arranged music that marked the cool jazz of the time.Inspired by the music of this famous "pianoless" quartet, Westalk s 'part of the continuity of this Jazz Cool where melodies in counterpoint and delicate interlacing made, in the 50s, the beautiful evenings of the clubs of the West Coast. By bringing their personal touch and some beautiful original compositions, the musicians of Westalk give this aesthetic an astonishing topicality.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Group members :

Malo Mazurié: trumpet, bugle - Jérôme Nicolas: baritone sax, clarinet -

Jean-Pierre Almy: double bass - Gildas Etévenard: drums